At the Journey’s End

Visit the gift shop and take home something to remember the eerie splendour of your journey into the depths of the cavern.

A wide selection of gifts and mementos is available including jewellery made from the exclusive Blue John stone - the superb flourospar mineral unique to the Peak District Caverns. Cavern craftsmen are often commissioned to make commemorative pieces from this world-famous stone such as a chalice made for Her Majesty the Queen on her Silver Jubilee.

As well as our shop at the Cavern why not visit our outlets in Castleton Village.

The Toll Bar and Harrison & Harrison Jewellers stock a stunning selection of Blue John Stone Jewellery, as well as a wide range of gift-ware and collectable brands such as Nao, Aynsley China, Langham Glass, Enesco Beatrix Potter, Border Fine Arts, Heron Glass, Portmeirion, Collectable World - Me to You and Cherished Teddies.